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If you've read 'help class', you already have an idea of how class levels are
earned. You are going to earn most of your jp and all of your experience in

Now would be a good time to make sure you're well equipped. What are you
wearing? What are you weilding? Check 'eq' or 'armor' for this and other useful
information on what you've got on your character. You start out naked and
unarmed. It would be a good idea to type 'newbiestuff' to get some free
equipment once you've joined the class that you'll play your first few levels
with, and then to buy your own equipment once you can afford it. If you think
you're ready to take on the world, get to it. In most cases, 'con <mob>' will
give you an idea of whether it would be safe or not to attack something. If
you're a little unsure, especially if you're new to the MUD, 'command wimpy'
might come in handy for you.

If you've got a spell or skill, you can most likely start combat with that.
eg. fire leafer
Note: Once combat has started, there is no need--and in some cases, it isn't
wise--to continue casting with the mob's name as part of the command.
So 'fire', 'tackle', etc. alone from then on would suffice.
If you find yourself without skills, you can always just 'kill <mob>' or
'k <mob>'.

Everytime you melee or use a skill or spell on a mob, you will see messages
detailing what you have done to the mob and any healing or damage inflicted. In
the same way, you will see what is being used to hurt, weaken or strengthen you
and any damage or healing done to you. Everytime you receive damage, a status
bar will be shown, indicating you current HP and SP as well as your maximums.

Job points are not only gained per ability used. They are also gained along with
experience points at the end of combat.
Note: Adventurers have no abilities. Therefore, they have no need for class
levels or jp.

When a mob is too powerful to handle alone, one can always form a party with
others whose levels are within a 10 level difference of one's own. For more
information on partying, check 'command party'.
Note: When in a party, the experience points gained are shared equally, but
the party leader receives a small experience bonus.

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