The Eternal Fantasy: Help [skill/blackwizardlist]

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Black Wizards continue their studies of the elements, being able to control yet
greater amounts of mana, and taking the next few steps in increasing their
control and potency. They also learn how to protect themselves by enfeebling
their enemies.

Class Level Skill Name Class Level Skill Name
1 Blaze (spell) 4 Enlightenment (spell)
8 Blizzard (spell) 12 Bio (spell)
16 Gale (spell) 20 Sap (spell)
24 Rock (spell) 28 Psyche (spell)
32 Electricity (spell) 36 Power (spell)
40 Pool (spell) 44 Blind (spell)
48 Vile (spell) 50 Amnesia (spell)

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