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Let's talk about roleplay.
So you walk into a room and there are a few people who seem to be doing nothing.
Think about this for a moment. Aside from the nexus or a clan hall, people
generally won't idle elsewhere. As much as this does not mean they are RPing, it
would be polite of one to assume they are and stick to using 'sayooc <message>'
to address those in the room without disturbing their RP. Perhaps, it would be
a good idea to ask if they really are RPing in that situation. Then you will
know whether or not your presence will bother them.

If you find yourself involved in an RP, remember an important point. You're not
the only one RPing. You do your part and everyone else will do theirs. Simply
put, say what you have to say, do what you have to do, but don't show the other
person's response in what you do. That would be responding to your own self and
it will most likely just annoy the other people participating. Here's an

Aaron clenches his fist, his mind racing back on all his memories filled with
Reena's smiling face. He tries to comprehend how someone could look into those
angellic eyes and take her life. He slowly reaches for the dagger hidden well
at his side by his dark cloak.

Leif notices Aaron's hand moving, the fact of it being so slow leads him to
assume he's reaching for a weapon. He unsheathes his sword and dashes toward him
as he growls, but Aaron notices his attempted attack and dodges skillfully.

One might assume Aaron would dodge an attack, but maybe he would actually prefer
to parry or attempt a distant attack before Leif could get too close to him.
Either way, you don't know what response the person RPing with you may have, so
it would be polite to allow that person to respond the way he/she chooses.

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