The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: wield

                             * Wield Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****  The wield command allows you to wield weapons. Typing 'wield sword' *****
*****    lets you use a sword, if you have one. You can wield up to two    *****
*****  weapons at once.  However, the second weapon must be a small weapon *****
*****   such as a dagger or hand axe, and you cannot use a second weapon   *****
*****  with a shield or two-handed weapon.  If you are using two weapons,  *****
*****   most of your attacks, but not all, will be made using the larger   *****
*****   weapon. Wielding a second weapon will increase your chance to hit  *****
*****  with either of your two weapons. However, if one of your weapons is *****
*****    much better than the other, you may be better off not using the   *****
*****                            second weapon.                            *****
Syntax: wield <weapon name>

See also: unwield, equip, unequip


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