The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: party

                             * Party Command Help *

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****   This command allows players to form and manage small parties. To   *****
*****    join an existing party, you must be invited by its leader. Once   *****
***** invited, you have 60 seconds to join before your invitation expires. *****
***** If you quit, die or go netdead whilst in a party, your membership to *****
*****  that party is automatically removed. If you are the leader of that  *****
*****               party, then the party will be disbanded.               *****
Syntax: party form <name>      non-members ONLY.
     attempts to create a new party with the name <name>

Syntax: party join <name>      non-members ONLY.
     attempts to join a pre-existing party called <name>
Syntax: party leave            members ONLY
     leave the party you're in

Syntax: party members          all members
     see the members of the party you're in

Syntax: party invite <player>  leader ONLY
     invite a member into a party

Syntax: party remove <player>  leader ONLY
     remove a member from your party

Syntax: party leader <player>  leader ONLY
     set a new party leader

Syntax: party pointman <player>  leader ONLY
     set a new party pointman (pointman must be in front row)

Syntax: party disband          leader ONLY
     disband your party

Syntax: party row <front/back> all members
     moves your char to the front or back row

Syntax: ptell <message>
     send a message to everyone in your party (set PTELL COLOR to change
     the color you receive messages in)

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