The Eternal Fantasy: Help [names]

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We're aware that you've probably already named your character before reading
this, but before you continue, please make sure it abides by the rules.
Realize that this is a MUD where RP is encouraged. Therefore, we have to be very
strict about the names we allow. Think back for a minute to the FF RPGs. The
names used were not always the typical names you hear in class or on the street,
but they were realistic names. Realism is important. So that means no internet
usernames like Destroyer, Cyberkiller, etc.

Names already found in famous books and video games are also against the rules.
eg. Legolas, Jesus, Vash, Cloud, Ryu. If you know that you are breaking the
rules, please use the 'suicide' command and create a new character with an
acceptable name.

Here's a good site which can help you find a new name:

Excerpt from the rulelist:

Article VIII.

1. Players cannot have a name which is offensive, non-sensical, or deemed to be
plagiarized by the administration. Sources for plagiarism include, but are
not limited to:
A. Wheel of Time series
B. Dungeons and Dragons
C. Final Fantasy series, Legend of Zelda series, and others.
2. If a name is deemed to be in violation of this rule, regardless of its level
or earned rewards, it will be removed and the owner must start anew with an
approved name, with no compensation.