The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: bid

                        * Bid Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****  This command allows you to place a bid on a auctioned  *****
*****  item and possibly win it. See also the auction command *****
Syntax: bid <amount>
     example: bid 500

If someone auctions an item for sale, you can use the bid command
to make a bid on the item provided you have the gil needed.
You need have auctioning enabled by typing 'set auction on' first
however. The bid command's rules and extended info are as follows:
Your bid must exceed the minimum bid and the last bid by another
player within the alloted auction time to win. If no other player
has bid for the item, then the minimum bid is the minimum bid
setting obviously. If someone outbids you, you will be notified and
your money will be returned. You can try again to outbid them or call
it quits there. See also command auction for info on the auction
command. Notice: All subsequent bids must be 50% greater than the last
bid to prevent 1 gil increment wars/spamming.