The Eternal Fantasy: List of help files

Help files (Click here for help on commands)
EFWA            abilities       acrobat         adventurer      alchemist       
all             ambidexterity   ancients        aradian         assassin        
auto            autoloot        autosac         bangaa          bard            
beastman        berserker       blackarchmage   blackbelt       blackmage       
blackwizard     bluearchmage    bluewizard      bounty          brawler         
caller          channels        character       chemist         clan            
clans           class           classes         classlist       classtraits     
color           combat          commands        conditions      cpk             
dancer          daoma           daoma.old       darkknight      darkknightold   
death           deathknight     delete          deletion        diku            
dragnar         dragonknight    dragoon         drow            dwarf           
eldaria         elf             emotions        engineer        entertainer     
equipment       espers          eternal         exp             experience      
feline          fighter         fullintro       gil             guilds          
half-lunar      halfdwarf       halfelf         halflunar       help            
hitpoints       holyknight      hp              human           hunter          
intermud        intermud.old    inventor        jp              kill            
knight          lancer          level           levellist       levelrewards    
levels          lupine          magic           mail            mallora         
maps            master          mastersummoner  mechanic        memorypark      
minstrel        money           monk            multiplaying    muzzle          
mysticknight    names           new             newbie          ninja           
paladin         pk              pkill           plan            planewalker     
prompt          qinfo           questlist       quests          quick           
races           redarchmage     redmage         redwizard       robot           
rogue           rp              rulelist        rules           runic           
runicknight     samurai         scaling         sensei          sets            
sex             skill           skills          sleep           sp              
spellpoints     spheres         squire          start           stats           
status          storage         summoner        technical       term            
thestupidrules  thief           timearchmage    timemage        timewizard      
topics          trainer         treasurehunter  web             website         
whitearchmage   whitemage       whitewizard     worlds          www             
xp              yeti            

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