The Eternal Fantasy: Help [skill/blackarchmagelist]

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Black Archmages represent the apex of mundane study into the elemental arts,
and even learn how to render their enemies helpless, proactively protecting
themselves from harm. At the height of their powers, they can even kill their
enemies instantly.

Class Level Skill Name Class Level Skill Name
1 Flare (spell) 8 Warp (spell)
15 Glacier (spell) 22 Virus (spell)
29 Cyclone (spell) 36 Siphon (spell)
43 Boulder (spell) 50 Aspir (spell)
57 Storm (spell) 63 Keen (spell)
70 Flood (spell) 77 Paralyze (spell)
84 Vortex (spell) 91 Focalization (spell)
99 Death (spell)

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